INTERVIEW – The Gran Fondo told by you

From Siena to Cividale del Friuli riding his bike. This is the virtual trip of Andrea Bordi, 30-years-old amatorial rider from Borgo Val di Taro in Emilia: in march he partecipated to the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche and on May 22 he will be at the start of the Gran Fondo Giro.

How much do you ride on your road bike?
«Not so much, because usually I prefer my mountain bike and I make race with it. But when I knew about the chance to ride in a Gran Fondo linked to a classic like Strade Bianche, I suddenly signed up. Then with the unpaved road, I couldn’t miss it».
What do you like the most in your experience at Gran Fondo Strade Bianche?
«The route was very vascinating, also because I knew already some of those roads. Then, I loved all the context: starting with the pro race and finishing with the winner Cancellara riding among us during the Gran Fondo».
Will you follow on site also the Giro stage on Friday?
«Unfortunately not, because I’ve to work. I will arrive in Friuli only on Saturday, but I will watch the stage on tv and I will start studying the route».
Will you choose the long or the medium one?
«I will do the long one and I can’t wait to discover new climbs and places that I’ve never seen before. Then, when it will be over, I will taste some local food and wines».