Ciclismo Gran fondo Giro D'Italia, Cividale del Friuli 22 maggio 2016 foto AnsaDaniele Mosna

Stefano Allocchio: behind the route

He’s behind the wavy route of the Gran Fondo Giro d’Italy which was held last month on the roads of Friuli. Stefano Allocchio, former pro rider and current race director of the Giro tells us a few secrets of how to create a stage that, in this case, was later retraced by you amateurs a few hours later.
“The Deus ex machina of the thirteenth last of last Giro and of the following Gran Fondo was Enzo Cainero, who knows the Friuli better than anyone else. He gives us a lot of ideas, but we have to change a little because, if it were for him, we would always ride uphill – explains Allocchio -. Working together we came up with this very amusing stage, as then actually we have seen, with four new climbs, to which I add the fifth of the Passo San Martino, which although wasn’t a gpm in effect, was felt on the legs of the riders”.
Allocchio then analyzes specifically the Gran Fondo: “The long route was for very prepared people because it provided about 2500 meters of altitude gaining, but even the Medio Fondo wasn’t that easy with two major climbs with gradients as the Matajur and Crai. Descents were also not to be underestimated because they very technical and amateurs should remember their status, without thinking of being pro, with high-profile wheels and taking too many risks. To make perfect the Friuli weekend we had also three days of sun like it was already summer. We hope to be so lucky even in 2017 “. Are you curious to know what will be the pink challenge of Gran Fondo for the 100th edition of the Giro? Stay tuned!