The pasta party: the reward after all the climbs you’ll face

The pasta party will be the well deserved reward after all the climbs you’ll face in Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia next Sunday. This is a very challenging mountain stage (141,2 km) with more than 2500 meters of altitude gain. The route takes in 4 categorised climbs in a row, with just a few stretches to let the bunch catch their breath. The first part run on apparently flat ground, and are followed by three typical pre-Alpine climbs, marked by narrow roadway, high gradients and endless turns, both while climbing and while descending.
After a flat drag, including a passage over the finish line, where it will ends the Medium Gran Fondo (82,4 km), the route heads towards the two final climbs in Porzùs and Valle, with a very winding and undulating profile, and high uphill gradients. The road narrows at point while crossing urban areas. The route features some technical descents, especially when climbing down form Passo San Martino at km 67.
The last 5 km are deceptively flat and actually run downhill all the way to Cividale del Friuli. The route features a few twists and turns over the last 1,000 m; the home straight (approx. 400 m in length) is on 7-m wide asphalt road.